Some of the gathered equipment

my keyboard/mouse for chartplotter/win10 comp                                                           my cruiser 128gb memory chip for chartplotter/comp                                                        Ublox gps for chartplotter/win10 comp                                             My Chartplotter/Windows 10 computer/nav/                                                                           Watt meter Windmill                                                                            iceland spar- for nav                                                                         gelcoat                                                                         Sail Sewer

My new keel fin

 I have an appointment with Jack Johnson of hull #113 to buy one of his extra fins. I'm so excited to meet another cg builder face to face. Worth the half a state drive for sure!

What I have done so far

 Well so far I have gathered some items as follows.... 4 used side windows from an old O'Day 22 500lbs of lead from same boat A sailboat trailer from the same boat Possibly the deck fittings  O'Day 22 2 100watt solar panels A 500w wind generator 2 lead acid deep cell batteries Several small inverters and a new 1500/3000w Charge controllers meters  3 anchors A chip computer running windows 10 to use as a chart plotter.  Several usb light strips  Floating handheld radio Hand crank generator One gallon of epoxy One gallon of gelcoat More to come Still working on metric to us measurements conversions. 

Welcome to my blog

 HI welcome to my blog about building my Class Globe 5.80 Hull #122 named Wildfire. So join me on my journey as I start to gather supplies and start my build! like I said " From scratch to sailing Wildfire"  See you all very soon